Obscurity Will Kill Your Home Service Business

The Silent Killer of Businesses

When it comes to advertising any business online and off, if your business is not seen, it will simply die out if you don’t already have an established customer base. If you do have a customer base of satisfied clients, you may be “sitting good” financially and you’re probably at that self employed level and all your bills are paid giving you a little extra left over for fun and games. That all said, if you’re someone who wants to grow your business into something more than just a job and create a powerhouse of an outdoor services company that becomes a one stop shop for your clients and all their neighbors, advertising and marketing are a must in order to grow a scalable and sellable business.

The simplest way to describe how obscurity will wreck your business is with this simple question – how will prospective clients find you?

If someone’s looking for a landscaper, lawn care or snow removal provider, they are most likely going to look online. That’s not to say offline marketing is dead though – using methods such as direct mail, door hangers, or flyers still work, as long as the proper message is conveyed and the sample size (how much is distributed) is big enough to assess results. Either way though, your company needs to be seen where your prospects are looking and also at the times they are looking.

The Importance of Being Found Online

When spring time comes or the beginning of winter and prospects are looking for a service provider, they head online to look for an adequate service to solve their problem and fulfill their needs. If you want more people coming into your business as paid clients, it’s crucial that you’re seen on these ultra popular platforms – the search engines and social media. These platforms are trafficked by countless people in your company’s service area every single day, and when you compare that to distributing offline print advertising, it quickly becomes a no brainer thanks to the low comparative cost of running Facebook ads or being found in the Google search results. For as little as fifty dollars, your business can be seen by hundreds if not thousands of interested prospects, whereas fifty bucks towards door hangers gives you about 100 hangers and then you have to spend an entire day (or pay an employee) putting them on door handles. And as an owner, if have to do this (despite having more things that must be done in your business such as fulfilling services or meeting with new clients) this could be costing you thousands of dollars of lost opportunity to earn revenue as a result.

So if you’re looking to grow your business, utilizing platforms such as online search engines are crucial. Service providers that offer professional¬†SEO for lawn care and landscaping companies will be one of your best allies for being located online and getting more clients coming into your company.

This video goes in depth with explaining more about the benefits of search engine visibility with home service businesses.